Renting a Home
Rusty Ellis Realtor - Renting a Home

While some Realtors exclusively service only those in the market to buy or sell a home, I can help you in finding your dream apartment, condo or rental home. In fact, having a Realtor in a large, highly competitive market, such as Las Vegas and Henderson, can give you a huge advantage in your search.

Rusty Ellis Realtor - Renting a Las Vegas or Henderson Home

In addition to listings that can easily be uncovered in simple Internet searches, I also have access to rental listings included in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database.

Also, I can check to see if the property is still available or if it already has an application pending. This way you don’t waste your money on an application, or time in seeing properties that are already taken. I can then make schedule the appointments to see the properties and find which one is perfect for you.

Rusty Ellis Realtor - Rent a Home in Las Vegas or Henderson

Lastly, the cost. Are you ready? My service is free to you! Yes, it’s true, read it again. It’s free to you! But how? The owner listing the property pays a small fee to me once your application is accepted.

So put me to work and let’s find you the perfect rental!