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Ellis homemade bread

As the kids trickle home from school, the smell of fresh bread permeates the air. They all gather around the island in the kitchen to get a hot slice of bread with butter and homemade raspberry jam. “How was your day?” asks their mom. “You won’t believe what happened at school today…” And so it goes with the stories and the antics of a day in the life of the Ellis kids in their little corner of Northwest Las Vegas.

Family Traditions

One of the most important traditions DaLea and her husband established early on was “family dinner.” Every day the family would eat dinner together, at the table, holding hands for the blessing on the food. A tradition of “family dinner” still brings the grown children and their families home on Sunday evenings to relish in the laughter and bonding of eating together around a table filled with love. It’s the best part of the week for DaLea and her husband.

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Each Family is Unique

DaLea has been married for over 30 years and is the mother of six children, four daughters-in-law, one son-in-law, and 14 grandkids. DaLea has a love for her children and great expectations for each of them. She has had to adapt her parenting skills to fit each child’s unique personality. No child is the same. Having raised a family of her own, she understands that the needs of each family are different and ever-changing. She is ready and excited to help families find that perfect home that fits their needs.

Creating Family Memories

Ellis newlywed quilt

DaLea loves creating things and loves being creative. She is a maker of PJ’s, quilts, crocheted items, scrapbooks, and memories – both tangible and intangible.  Her home exhibits their family memories in various creative and aesthetic ways as reminders of their most valuable treasures – one another.

DaLea has a flare for creative decorating – even on a shoestring budget.  She understands the value of purchasing a home with a manageable mortgage and room for growth, as needed.

For exercise, DaLea is a runner and enjoys a good morning workout. Between DaLea and her husband setting the example, most of their kids have good workout habits. This example benefits both her and her husband and adds to her extended family having a healthier future together.

Service With a Smile

DaLea and her mom - las vegas real estate agent

DaLea is very involved with her church and family. Serving is at the top of the list in the job description for a mom. Becoming a mom over 33 years ago, and six kids later, she always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face.

One act of service she will always cherish is the two and half years of caring for her mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and congestive heart failure. There is a bond between mother and daughter that surpasses no other. The most difficult part of this challenge was watching her mom loose the ability to do the things she loved.

Now that her mother has passed on and the kids are mostly grown, DaLea looks for other creative opportunities to serve, both through her family and church.

Why Northwest Las Vegas

Ellis Family umbrellas

DaLea has been living in the northwest part of Las Vegas for over 27 years. She and her family have a great appreciation for all this area has to offer to families. They can enjoy the security of knowing there is a fire department and a hospital within minutes of their home. Gilcrease Orchard offers the opportunity to pick your own vegetables and fruit each season. Floyd Lamb Park is a great place for family portraits, picnics, or a stroll along tree covered paths. There are several parks in this area; most within a minute or two of each neighborhood. An Ellis family favorite it driving just 25 minutes to Mt. Charleston for a little sledding in the winter or playing on the quad in the summer. Another bonus is the convenient shopping centers that give a family all the options to meet their basic needs. It’s a great feeling to live in an area with so many opportunities. DaLea knows that families are valuable assets; and that living in a safe, comfortable home and neighborhood is priceless.

It is easy to see that DaLea knows the importance of family. You can depend on DaLea as your Northwest Las Vegas real estate agent to serve your family as you search for the right home. She is ready to help you start creating family memories in your new home.

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