These free real estate publications can be a great resource on your path to buying or selling your Las Vegas home.

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If you’re renting and have a stable job with some savings, and a credit score in the high 600 range, you can likely qualify for FHA or conventional financing at historically low rates.The key question you need to consider is, of course, why are you still renting?[wpdm_file id=1]Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an old pro at the real estate game, buying a home can be a daunting process. It’s an emotional time filled with difficult choices—and each decision you make has money riding on it.
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Most prospective buyers make their decisions based on the emotional reactions they form upon first seeing your home. In fact, seasoned real estate professionals will tell you that even the smallest detail can be an important deciding factor, especially in a competitive market. The key to getting a buyer interested in your home — and getting them to place an offer that reflects its top value — is helping that prospective buyer feel comfortable while viewing your property.
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Which real estate agent should you work with?Unfortunately, many people make this decision based on the idea that all real estate agents are basically the same. They sign with the first agent to come along, only to realize too late that they should have shopped around.This special report is designed to help you avoid that mistake by equipping you with what to look for in selecting your agent.
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We hope that these free real estate publications have helped answer some of  the questions you may have. Contact DaLea to answer your questions further and to help you in getting started in buying or selling your home.

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