I Can Haz Real Estate?

How to Buy Your Northwest Las Vegas Home

1 – Determine if you are ready, check online listings to see if you can afford one.

2 – Get your credit report.

3 – Research government loan programs (VA, FHA, USDA).

4 – Estimate how much home you can afford.

5 – Get pre-approved for a mortgage loan.

6 – Find a real estate agent (DaLea Ellis)

7 – Begin looking at listing in person and online.

8 – Found a home!

9 – Have real estate agent check on unpaid property taxes and liens.

10- Determine the right offer price.

11 – Determine contingencies to include in your offer.

12 – Seller accepts your offer!

13 – Hire a home inspector.

14 – Get home appraised.

15 – Congratulations on your new Northwest Las Vegas home!


Buying or selling a home can be a daunting task. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a Northwest Las Vegas home, DaLea is ready to go to work for you and your family!

Start by contacting DaLea so she can answer any questions you may have. Additionally, feel free to use the several free tools that are available on this website to help narrow your new home search from the new home search pages to zip code maps. You can also take DaLea with you with a mobile app for your Apple or Android device.

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